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Here is a toponym, Nihriya, which is found in most of the ancient archives: those of the Assyrian merchants of Kanesh, those of Hatussa, those of Mari, those of Tell Leilan, those of Ugarit and in the Neo-Assyrian texts. Many researchers have wondered,...

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Tag(s) : #Region:Anatolie, #Empire of the Hittites, #Old Assyrian Empire, #Neo Assyrian Empire, #Kingdom:Mari, #Kingdom:Mitanni, #Kingdom:Nairi

The Tell Bi'a is on a tributary of the Euphrates, the Balikh, near the present town of Ar Raqqa. Excavations of the tell were conducted by a German team led by Strommenger and Kholmeyer. They began more than thirty years ago. Summary of the history of...

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Tag(s) : #Region: Mesopotamia, #Kingdom:Mari
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