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The Tall al-Qitar is located in Syria, along the Euphrates River. Before the construction of the dam which created the Assad Lake, it was excavated during 1982 by an Australian archaeological team under the direction of W. Culican and T. L. Mac Clellan. This site is at the northern limit of the new lake of water on its western shore. Several seals were exhumed, mostly of mitanian appearance and a Medi-Assyrian legal document written in Louvite bearing the imprint of a seal mentioning "Tilapanu".


This toponym has been compared to "Til-Abnu" of the Neo-Assyrian kings, who report having perceived tributes of this city when they were going in battle towards Bit-Adini.

A millennium previously, in the archives of Mari, the town of Till-Abnim is located by text I10 in the country of "Zalmaqum".

It is for this reason that Nele Ziegler and Anne-Isabelle Langlois position Til-Abnim on the Tall al-Quitar.

Other texts of Mari show that the Zalmaqum had a proximity with the following cities: Irrit, Harran, Nihriya, Talhayum, Arduwan, Kabitta, Aparha, Hamsha, Hanzat, Hessum, Mammagira, Sharupanazim.

This is why it is possible to express the idea that the "Zalmaqum" of the archives of Mari corresponds to the land of Samal of the Assyrians. The Zalmaqum of the beginning of the second millennium could possibly have been situated on either side of the great river. The known cities are rather to the east of the Euphrates, but Till Abnim appears here to the west, as I think: Aparha and Hessum.






My notes of veracity :

The Tall al-Qitar was the town of Till-Abnim or Til-Abnu: 3/5

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