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Izmir, on the west coast of Turkey, is one of the presumed birthplaces of the poet Homer. The city is deemed to have been founded by an Amazon.

Ehrem Akurgal is the Turkish archaeologist who first noticed that the name Izmir is Smurna in several ancient languages, and probably "Ti" is a suffix that has disappeared over time to the name "Tismurna".


On the texts of the Old Assyrian tablets found at Kültepe, the Kanesh of the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC, this city, Tismurna, appears in connection with the "Sukinnu road".

Klaas R. Veenhof in "Kültepe Tabletleri V" publishes the tablets of Kuliya, a messenger of the Karum of Kanesh. In his functions, this merchant had a role approaching that of a bailiff of the towns of Kuburnat, Hanaknak and Tismurna, he watched over the good collection of the taxes imposed by Kanes, concerning the trading of meteorite iron and also concerning the use of donkeys from the Sukinnu route.

Mogens Trolle Larsen in "Kültepe Tabletleri VI" publishes the archives of the family of Salim-Assur who operated from Durhumit. After her death in this city, and because of the misunderstanding of his sons, one of his girls had to appeal to an administrator of Assur to assert her rights.


The legend of the creation of Smyrna by an Amazon comes perhaps from a memory of these merchants and their daughters or wives, from the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC, who resided in the capital of the mythical country.


It is on the site of Bayrakli that it was observed by archeology a human occupation dating from 3000 before our era to 300 AD. Nowadays, only an ancient fountain is the witness of the antiquity of this city.






My notes of veracity :

Tismurna is the bronze age name of Izmir: 3/5

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