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Located between the present-day cities of Sarikaya and Sorgun, in the province of Yozgat, in central Anatolia, the Alisar Höyük site was excavated from 1927 to 1932 by the Oriental Institute of Chicago. The results of the archaeological work show that it is a major site of the Chalcolithic and of the early Bronze Age. Some Old assyrian cuneiform tablets was exhumed there (between 50 and 100).

The name of Amkuwa was advanced for this site because of a frequent mention in the cuneiform tablets found on the place. Other researchers consider that the constructions exhumed to Alisar Höyük look like more to Zippalanda than to Ankuwa.

Although in a single text by Alisar Höyük, Luhuzatia appears the most likely. The toponym is in a list of goods received (referenced A2532), with their price, and towards the end is the following sentence: "I take a saddle of donkey, thin skin and shiny color, for The equivalent of 5 shekels of silver in Luhuzatia ".

In the archives of Kanes, this town seems to be part of the country of Hatti, in relation especially with Samuha and Hurama. However, to go to Kanès, the rental price of a donkey from Hurama is the same as from Zalpa. This positions Hurama about around 400 km from Kanès.

In CTH7 of the Hattusa archives, King Hattusili I has his place of residence at Luhuzzantiya, which seems to be the same city, (but we must distinguish it from Lawazantiya which is in Cilicia). This designation seems a distortion of the older name of Lihzina, a mythical city of a god of the Hittites.


Moreover, a king of Kanes, named Zuzu, the successor of Anitta - himself the son of Pithana, king of Kussara - was a native of Alahzina.

Probably, Zuzu, king of Kanes, a native of Alahzina, is also called Azu, king of Luhuzattiya, in the same archives of Kanes. This would explain the particular links of the city of Luhuzattiya with the region of Kussara / Hurama / Salahsuwa.


Archeology, the meaning of texts and phonetic proximity are three important arguments for replacing Ankuwa's initial assignment with that of Luhuzatia, Lihzina or Alahzina.







My notes of veracity :

The site of Alisar Höyük was Amkuwa 4000 years ago: 2/5

The site of Alisar Höyük was Zippalanda 4000 years ago: 2/5

The site of Alisar Höyük was Luhuzatia, Lihzina or Alahzina 4000 years ago: 3/5

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