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During 2007, in Arsuz, a place called Uluçınar, a port located in the Hatay in Turkey, two neo-Hittite stelae in Louvite hieroglyphics were found there:

Their translation shows that the author is a king Suppiluliuma of Palastin, who proclaims a victory over the neighboring countries of Adana and Hiyawa, from the 12th to the 8th century BC.

The place of the find is known to be the Roman Rhosus. And, because of the discovery of the steles, this port had a certain precedence during the iron age.

I think it also had one during the Bronze Age. Several texts from the archives of Hattusa evoke a city, which, phonetically, is very close to Arsuz: Arziya.

  • In CTH40, a victory on this town was won by Kantuzzili, who ruled the Kizzuwatna. In addition to Arziya, this text evokes the city of Sallapa and Mount Nanni, reputed to be north of Ugarit.
  • Later, KB0 V 6 narrates the military victories of Prince Télipinu, high priest of Kizzuwatna, who subjected the countries of Arziya, Murmuriga and Carchemish.


These texts, along with others, give sens to the proposed location.


In fact, this toponym poses the question of the origin of the countries of Arzawa, which was a confederation of several countries to the south and west of Anatolia. On the territories in question (the Seha River, Mira and the Haballa) there is no city of this name in the multitude translated texts.

The Palaeo-Assyrian archives of Kanesh mention Hahha abundantly, which seems to me to be the port of Hiyawa of the Louvite steles, while Arziya and Arzawa are not mentioned.

Conversely, the archives of Hattusa which have let know us the countries of Arzawa, evoke Ahha only in the texts that describe its destruction by the first Hattusili.

Also, it is more than probable that trade by sea along Anatolia did not cease with the destruction of Hahha and the stopping of the Karum of Kanes. Another port took the market : that of Arziya.

If Hahha is probably the origin of the country name "Ahhiyawa", Arziya is probably originally the name of the maritime countries of Arzawa.







My notes of veracity :

Arziya is the former name of Arzuz: 3/5

Arziya was the main port of the Arzawa countries: 2,5 / 5

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