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On the Sfire stelae several times appear "Bit-Zallal", in parallel with "Bit-Agusi", showing clearly that these are agreements between two peoples of the lands of Musri and Aram governed by a king of KTK (which I think is Kirkhi) and a king of Arpad.

Probably this same city is Zallul in Mari's archives. II 131 is very clear about its location: « On this bank, Yapah-Addu fortified the city of Zallul which is on the Euphrates itself. It encamped inside this city with a troupe of 2000 Hâbirum. This is the report that was gave to me. In haste I left Subat-Samas with the army under my command and I fortified the city of Himus which is in sight of Zallul. When he saw that I was strengthening the city of Himus and that reinforcements came from the country, he raised the torch and all the towns on the opposite bank of the land of Ursum received his message. »

This same city is probably called:

  • Zila in the archives of Ashurnasirpal II mentioned in the article about Kirkhi.

  • "Sehlali" in the tablets of Amarna, associated or being part of Amurru and aggressors of Egypt.

This positioning is reinforced by the text Msk74327 of Emar which evokes a house located at the gate Zihlu. This means that this town was very close to Tell Meskene, on the same side of the Euphrates. It is also possible that the names Zilalu, Zihlalum or Sahlala of Tell Chuera evoke, in fact, the same city.

"Minhal as Sallal" and "Rumaylat es Sallal" are two existing agglomerations on either side of the Euphrates that seem to have retained the memory of the old name. The attribution of this designation to tell Salankahiya appears plausible.This tell was excavated by Van Loon during the construction of the Tabqa dam. It is evaluated from the Bronze Age.



My notes of veracity :

Zila, Zihlu, Zallul, Bit-Zallal, Sahlala, Sehlali were probably different spellings of the same city on the Euphrates, probably at tell Salankahiya : 2,5 / 5

Tag(s) : #Region: Mesopotamia, #Kingdom:Mari, #Neo Assyrian Empire, #Kingdom: Amurru

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