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Many researchers (JM Durand, A. Goetze, P. Marello, A. Blanco Freijeiro, Joaqim M. Cordoba, …) situate the town of Ahuna at the Tell es-Seman, notably because of its positioning between Tuttul and Zalpah on the Balih, in the itinerary of Yale or Urbana: [...] Tuttul, Ahuna, Zalpah, Apqum sa Baliha, Harranum [...].

In the archives of Mari, the city is mentioned several times with Zalpah.

  • II 53: "The Scheichs gathered in Zalpah and went to Ahuna."

  • I 118: "Who took these shepherds? Ahuna's man took 5 people and the man from Zalpah 5 others ".

After raising troops on the banks of the Euphrates, a mariote army set out to defend Zihlalum situated on the banks of the Euphrates. On the way, this army took Ahunâ.

In the archives of Hattusa, during the installation of one of his sons in Carchemish, Suppiluliama gathered towns around Carchemish, which he completed with cities of Astata. The following regions are mentioned: Ekalte, Ahuna and Terqa.

Also, the location of Ahuna at Tell es-Seman is plausible.

But the number of tells of the Bronze Age between the ancient cities of Tuttul and Zalpah is important. Phonetics makes me prefer the denomination Sumi of the texts of Emar, which may correspond to that of Samanum in the texts of Mari, certified in the dependence of Terqa in III16, III73 and A56.


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My notes of veracity :

During the 2nd millennium BC, Ahuna was at Tell es-Seman: 2,5 / 5

During the 2nd millennium BC, Samanum was at Tell es-Seman: 3/5

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