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Mari's texts very often refer to Rapiqum on the Euphrates, upstream of Sippar, on the control of Eshnunna or of Babylon. For example, I36 reveals that Rapiqum is on the way to Babylon: "Behold, I have you carrying tablets that I have written for Hammurabi of Babylon ... Fast couriers must carry them to Yabliya. From there, two speedy couriers must carry them to the governor of Rapiqum which is for Hammurabi, and the governor of Rapiqum will have it completed."

In another text, boats immobilized at Rapiqum were to be hauled up to Mari, this shows that Rapiqum was located along the Euphrates .

The King Dadusa of Eshnunna married his daughter to the ruler of Rapiqum.

Hammurabi of Babylon captured Rapiqum around 1783 BC.

A position of Rapiqum at Tell Anbar near Fallujah was proposed by S. Cole and H. Gasche in 1998 with a broad consensus : this site is at a confluence between the Euphrates and a canal which allowed the boats to climb.


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My notes of veracity :

Rapiqum was the Tall Anbar near Fallujah: 3/5

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