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During the 9th century BC, on the bronze plaques of his palace, Salmanasar III evokes cities beyond the Euphrates: « I left Til-Barsip. On board ships made of lambskin I crossed the Euphrates during its high waters. The cities [...], Surunu, Paripa, Tilbashere, Dabigu, six large cities of Ahuni of Bit-Adini I captured. »

Thus Dagibu appears beyond the Euphrates as one of the fortified cities of the Bit-Adini wich capital was Til-Barsip.

A majority of historians consider it to be the present town of Dabiq, 13 km east of Azaz in Syria. However, in 1981 Matthers carried out research without finding iron age ruins, unlike the place called Douabiq (Duwaybiq or Dowaibeq) located 5 km to the north.



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My notes of veracity :

The Neo-Assyrian city of Dabigu was the present Douabiq: 3/5

The Neo-Assyrian city of Dabigu was the present Dabiq: 2/5

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