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The present town of Halabiya, or Halabiyah, along the Euphrates in Syria, is mentioned in the texts of Ebla and those of Mari under the name of Halabit. Phonetic proximity is one of the criteria. Two texts from Mari's archives consolidate the hypothesis. Thus in the tablet "III 23" there is talk, in Halabit, of receiving trunks of trees by flotation, confirming the proximity of a river. And in "I 85+", a long text discusses the different possible ways to send the Army of Mari to Qatna, it is mentioned: "Is it from Halabit that the army will start? In other words, is it from the city of Halabit that the army will cross the desert?

It is one of the few towns that has preserved its Bronze Age name. In this region, most of the old towns have been abandoned and transformed into tells. The populations have been renewed because of the instability and the wars that have marked millennia before our era.

But does the ancient city of Halabit correspond to the village of Halabiyah or to the nearby fortress, named Zenobia, built under the Romans? The different name of the Roman construction would rather incline towards the first hypothesis. Moreover, this last name would come from a queen of Palmyra of name Zenobia, at the origin of this castle. And the numerous soundings made in the fortress have not demonstrated anteriority.

The ruins of the ancient town of Halabiye seem rather to be under the present village of Halabiyah.


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Halabiyah was the designated city of Halabit during the Bronze Age: 3/5

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