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Several texts from Mari's archives evoke the town of Yabliya on the Euphrates:

1. In I20, it is clearly positioned in the lower Suhum.

2. In I93, starting from Mari, Yabliya appears on the road to Babylon, before Rapiqum: "Behold, ould you carrying tablets that I have written for Hammurabi of Babylon ... Fast couriers must carry them to Yabliya. From there, two speedy couriers must carry to the governor of Rapiqum the tablet which is for Hammurabi, and the governor of Rapiqum will have it completed."

3. II120 clearly positions Yabliya, Sapiratum and Mari: "I went to Yabliya, in front of Atamrum ... I asked Atamrum:" Tell me where you want to go, that I can send a reliable information to my Lord. " Atamrum replied, "We will go to Sapiratum. At Sapiratum we shall consider whether I am going to Mari or whether I ought to cut through the steppe."

4. VI71 and I56 show a certain proximity between Hanat and Yabliya:

VI71: "Meptum has undertaken to me in these terms about the boats that came to Hanat with me:" I will bring these boats and fishermen together, one by boat, that they may hold the harbor of Yabliya."".

I56: "I have just sent you Zimri-Erah from Yabliya. Hasidanum was moved with him: he lived in Hanat."

As part of the construction of the Haditha dam, the upstream sites were excavated: in particular those of Jodefiyeh and Shishîn.

Jodefiyeh, on the right bank, is the site that best corresponds to Yabliya because of the presence on the other bank of a rocky promontory, called Shishin fortress, while the texts of Mari evoke a place called Âl -kâpim, which means "City-of-the-cliff".

The research unfortunately did not find tablets on Jodefiyeh.


It is only these criteria of localization that make possible to position Jodefiyeh at Yabliya.


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My notes of veracity :

Yabliya is the site of Jodefiyeh, towards Haditha: 3/5

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