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Qabra is abundantly mentioned in the archives of Mari and also in those of Eshnunna. The city was subdued by a warlike operation conducted in concert with Dadusha of Eshnunna and Samsi-Addu of Ekallatum.

The texts show a positioning of this city to the east of the Tigris and north of the small Zab, in the vicinity of Erbil.


Phonetic proximity and archaeological researchs make it possible to locate it at Tepe Gawra. The excavations of the University of Pennsylvania showed a continuous occupation from 6000 to 1500 BCE, in 16 levels of occupations.

The site is a reference for the Neolithic (Halaf) and for the periods of Ubaid and Uruk, notably because of the exhumed buildings and the many recovered seals.

The city was an important commercial place, notably for the Lapis-Lazuli.


Unfortunately, to date, no cuneiform tablet have been found to reinforce the old denomination of the site. However, the archaeological excavations of the University of Pennsylvania continue.


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The city of Qabra was at Tepe Gawra: 2,5 / 5

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