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"Sur Jar'a" is an island on the Euphrates, located not far from the current city of Anah, Iraq.

In 1978, on this site of "Sur Jar'a", Iraqi researchers unearthed about twenty cuneiform tablets. British excavations added others. One of them, in the name of Ninurta-kudurri-usur, governor of Suhu and Mari, reports the attack of a caravan of camels.

The mention of this dignitary, known elsewhere, made it possible to date the tablets of the second quarter of the eighth century BC. Steles were also found. This set of texts shows that the kingdom of name "Suhu and Mari", of which the island of Ana was the capital, depended then on Assyria, before being under the influence of Babylon. On the other hand, the archaeologists found nothing of earlier epochs.

But 1000 years earlier, from the archives of Mari, the courier A.2053 of Yasi-El mentions the Suhum, from Mulhan to Hanat. This is a proof of the existence of the city towards the beginnings of the 2nd millennium.

It must be believed that, as for the island of Bijan, probable Sapiratum in antiquity, the oldest archaeological layers were destroyed by floods of the Euphrates.

Other tablets of Mari, VI71 and I56, show a certain proximity between Hanat and Yabliya:

VI71: “Meptum undertook me in the following terms about the boats which came to Hanat with me: “I will gather these boats and fishermen one by boat, that they may hold the port of Yabliya.””.

I56: “Here I have just sent you Zimri-Erah from Yabliya. Hasidanum was moved with him: he lived in Hanat”.


Also, there is little doubt that Hanat, Ana, Anah are different spellings of the same archaeological site at different periods in the history of the region. The actual town of Anah is the result of a recent move:

Is this city at the origin of the name of the Kingdom of Hana which succeeded the Kingdom of Mari after its destruction under Hammu-rabi?

Terqa's tablets tell that from 1730 the Kassite Gandash was the origin of this dynasty which reigned over Mari and Hana (or Kassite dynasty of Mari) even before the invasion of the region by the Hittites of Mursili and the installation of these same Kassites on Babylon.


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My notes of veracity :

The island of "Sur Jar'a", not far from Anah, was called "Anat" or "Hanat" during the Bronze Age: 3/5

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