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In the treaties defining the borders of Tarhuntassa, Sinuwanda, or Sinnuwanta, appears twice:

  • It is a direction towards which lie Mount Lula and Mount Sphinx with the city of Ninainta;
  • This same toponym is mentioned in the direction of Usawala.

This means that two cities had that same name. One of them probably corresponds to the classic Synnada of Phrygia. Because of the find of Greco-Roman inscriptions referring to it, it has long been located in the vicinity of Afyon.

It is now generally accepted that Synnada is the old name of Suhut.

On its territory there was a marble quarry during the Greco-Roman period. It is this town which was mentioned, towards 1500 BC, in a campaign of Mursili in Arzawa against the man of Purushanda: Paramanzana and Ullama were also writted there.






My notes of veracity :

The classic Synnada of Phrygia has its ruins in Suhut, not far from Afyon: 4/5

Sinnuwanta was the classic Synnada: 3/5

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