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During the Roman period, Prymnessus was a large city of Phrygia, near the present village of Sülün, not far from Afyon in Turkey.

The archives of Hattusa mention several close names:

  • During the beginning of the Hittites Empire, Paramanzana appears in a campaign of Mursili in Arzawa, against the man of Purushanda, where Sinnuwanta and Ullama are also mentioned.

  • The testament of the great shepherd Sahurunuwa in favor of his sons and grandchildren reveals possessions in various cities, including towns in the country of Harzuina (likely deformation of Arzawa): Parminassa and Appala in particular.

The localization in the Arzawa country and the phonetic proximity seem sufficient criteria to position this Hittites city towards the western center of Anatolia, the Phrygia of the Greco-Roman period.






My notes of veracity :

The classic Prymnessus of Phrygia has its ruins near the present village of Sülün, not far from Afyon: 4/5

Paramanzana, or Parminassa, was the classic Prymnessus: 3/5

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