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Ekallatum is mostly mentioned in the archives of Mari, in the texts of the Tell Shemsharah and in those of Eshnunna. King Dadusha of Eshnunna designates Samsi-Addu "king of Ekallatum". It is for this reason that this city is best known as the main residence of this king who ruled throughout Upper Mesopotamia from this place during years 1800 BCE.

According to the texts, the city clearly appears not far from the Tigris and Assur.

The Tell Haykal, also known as Tulul el Haykal, is located 25 km north of Assur and east of the Tigris. It has been the subject of several descriptions without having been really excavated. In his study, Nele Ziegler refuted the location of Ekallatum at Tell Haykal which, however, had largely been accepted before. Its main arguments is based on the probable crossings of the Tiger induced by the different old written itineraries. The debate is not closed : the proximity of the tell with Assur and the phonetic resemblance between Ekallatum and Haykal are two strong arguments.


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Ekallatum was the Tell Haykal: 2,5 / 5

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