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According to T. B. Mitford in "Further Contributions to the Epigraphy of Cyprus", a king statue with a mention of the Aphrodite Paphia of Ledra was exhumed in Nicosia, Cyprus.

Around 280 BC, Ledra was renamed Leukotheon by Ptolemy 1st Sôter in honor of his son, Leukos. The present name of the city, Nicosia, is deemed to be a distortion. I think it can also come from "Nicocreon", a former king of Salamis, placed at the head of the island at the same time.

There are few other references to Ledra:

  • 1. the Neo-Assyrian writings, where the city appears in the form "Lidir" among the 10 cities of Iadnana, with at its head a king of name Onasagoras

  • 2. Achoris temple at Karnak, where graffiti from Cyprus, including some from Ledra, survive.

Recently in Akaki, a few kilometers west of Nicosia, two Roman mosaics were found:


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My notes of veracity :

Nicosia was formerly called Ledra: 3/5

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