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During 1844 a basalt stele was found by the German archaeologist Ludwig Ross in ruins west of the ancient port of Kition, between the modern city of Larnaka and its present port. The site is called Bamboula. On the stele, archeologists have recognize a representation of the neo-Assyrian king Sargon II. It is written: "I have erected this stele before Mount Baal-Harri, a mountain over the land of Adnana."

Historians have thus been able to compare the toponym "Adnana" with that of the annals of Sargon II, which mention a conflict between Tire and his vassal of Ya Adnana. Tire has provided shipping logistics. A king of Dilmun, Uperi, had been missionary near 7 kings of Adnana, a district of Ya which was located in the middle of the sunset sea, at a distance of 7 days of navigation.

Translated by Lipinski and reported in "The Oxford Handbook of the Archeology of the Levant", a royal inscription of Asarhaddon of Assyria, in the 7th century BC, lists 10 kings, with their capitals, of the country of Ya Adnana (or Iadnana) located in the middle of the sea. Historians have recognized towns of Cyprus. The toponym "Tunanab" also exists, notably in letters from Amarna, but does not seem to correspond to Adnana.

But the Neo-Assyrian writings evoke first only 7 kings, and others 10. This leaves a doubt as to the exact number of royalties in Cyprus. This doubt is also found in the 10 names of cities mentioned. At least 7 are known to be located on the island: Edial identified at Idalion, Kitrusi identified at Chytroi or Kythrea, Pappa identified at Paphos, Sillu identified at Soloi, Kuri identified at Kurion, Tamesu identified at Tamassos and Lidir identified at Ledra.

It is possible, and it is a hypothesis that I am developpe here, that three of the cities mentioned are not situated in Cyprus, but are also part of the country of Ya, which seems to be an orthography of the first millennium country of Ahhiyawa.

So I think that Sillua is the Soloi of Cilicia (Soli Pompeiopolis) which, situated at the mouth of the Limiya River, south of present Turkey, was probably an island in antiquity and a port in connection with Cyprus.

Qartihadashti, "the new city" in Phoenician, is probably Carthage. And Nure is the city of Nariea in a text of Alalakh. It can be the current Nora in Sardinia.


Thus, this country of Ya adnana seems to correspond to the maritime domain of the beginnings of the Phoenicians.


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My notes of veracity :

Cyprus was part of the country called Ya Adnana by the Neo-Assyrians: 3/5

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