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This toponym of Cyprus exists with different spellings: Cythraia, Cythereia, Cythroi, Chytrides, Chytros and Chytri.

The names Kythrea and Kyrka, current identifiers of a commune and a region, seem to be inheritances of the old city.

Since the Turkish invasion of 1974, Kythrea has been integrated into the new commune of Değirmenlik. It is known that bishops practiced in this city towards the second part of the first millennium AD. A temple and a sanctuarie exist to the south of the city: a sanctuary of Aphrodite Paphia and also a temple of Apollo to Voni, 3 km from Chytroi, excavated in 1883.

The royal inscription of Asarhaddon of Assyria, during the 7th century BC, lists 10 kings of Ya Adnana, including Pylagoras of Kitrusi, identified in the town of this article.

Archaeological research has shown human occupation since the Neolithic around Kephalovryse, the main source of the island. We also know that there is a late Bronze Age site, which can illustrate the legend of the creation of the city following the Trojan War.


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My notes of veracity :

Chytroi, or Kythrea, was created during the end of the Bronze Age: 3/5

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