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Around the town of Larnaca, an important modern city on the island of Cyprus, there are three ancient sites: Hala Sultan Tekke, Bamboula and Kathari.

On the last site, a Mycenaean town, inhabited between the 13th and the 11th century BC, was excavated there.

Bamboula appears to have gained importance during the first millennium BC, under an Egyptian, Phoenician and Neo-Assyrian influence. On this site, which corresponds to an ancient port, a basalt stele was exhumed there in 1844. It shows that during the Neo-Assyrian period, the island was then called Ya Adnana, under Sargon II and Asarhaddon.

Other Neo-Assyrian writings show that the island of Cyprus then depended of Tyre. From 479 BC to 312 BC, several Phoenician kings were established in the city which was then called Kition, before being Egyptian under Ptolemy I Soter, year 312 BCE. It is under this same name that the city passed through the Greco-Roman period.


In Hala Sultan Tekke, nearby, there were recently discovered other more ancient objects that show a Mycenaean and Egyptian influence. Probably before Hamboula, Hala Sultan Tekke was the active port.

In an Egyptian inscription of Ramses III of the temple of Medinet Habou, there is evoked a toponym "Kathian", among different cities of Cyprus. P. Flourentzos considers it to be Kition.

Several texts of Ugarit reveal a city of Kiti, for example RS16.341 on a jar: "Property of the sons of the employees of Kition and the sons of Egypt".


It is less obvious to make the connection with the Kittim of the bible.


Also, it is likely that Lacarna was called "Kition" during the Bronze Age. It has undoubtedly always had a special status because of cosmopolitan inhabitants linked to its maritime activities.


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The present Larnaca probably existed with the name of Kition during the Bronze Age: 3/5

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