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Joseph Pellerin, in 1763, recalled that during the antiquity two cities of Soloi were known: one in Cilicia (Soloi Pompeipolis) and the other in the island of Cyprus.

In the Neo-Assyrian writings, among the 10 cities of Ia Adnana, Soloi is ruled by a king named Eresus and it's spelled "Sillu". It is probably the present Soli on the west coast of the island.

This discovery had destroyed a Greek assertion that the name of Soli would have been attributed by King Philocypre in the 6th century in honor of the Athenian legislator Solon, because the neo-Assyrian writing preceded it.


A recently discovered of a tomb shows the importance of trade between Cyprus and Greece in the second half of the first millennium BC.

Jean Des Gagniers and V. Karageorghis, excavators of the site, evaluated the creation of the city around 1100 BCE.


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My notes of veracity :

The Soloi of the island of Cyprus was created during the end of the Bronze Age: 3/5

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