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Formerly, a marble statue of Aphrodite welcomed the sailors to the port of Cnidus, situated on the present commune of Tekir Burnu, at the southwestern tip of the Anatolian peninsula:

Its ruins extend over a width of 3 km. They show the importance of the city during the Hellenistic period. Archeology shows a human occupation since 3000 BCE, and especially during the Mycenaean period, from the 14th to the 13th century BC, while Cnide have two ports. It is confirms in texts in linear B of Pylos, wich list individuals by cities of origin: Kinidia appears there.

It is possible that this city is known from the Hittite texts with the spelling "Kanithi".


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My notes of veracity :

Cnidus or Knidos, on the present Tekir Burnu in Turkey, was Mycenaean during the Bronze Age: 3/5

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