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The denomination "Alashiya" comes from the texts of Egypt, Ugarit and Hattusa, between 1800 BCE and 1200, and its location has been the subject of debate.

A study of the chemical composition of the tablets found in Amarna, written by the king of Alashiya, shows a clay from the Troodos massif, towards the center of the island of Cyprus.

I think that earliest mention of the island under the name of Alasiya is found in the texts of the Assyrian merchants of Kanes, a city designated Aliasa appears to be close to Wahsusana, which I position on the island of Cyprus (see here). In fact, Gojko Barjamovic reports that in Forlanini's A Historical Geography of Anatolia in the Old Assyrian Colony Period, it was observed that the city of Aliasa was near Wahsusana by relying on two letters exchanged between Ah-Salim and Puzur-Assur, two Assyrian merchants who evoked a cargo of copper stored in Wahsusana: "If the direct route is not usable send the goods here to Aliasa." On this basis Forlanini proposes a positioning of Aliasa to the Byzantine city of Aliassos. I think that the direct route mentioned in the text is a sea crossing, and that we must understand the "here" as the designation of another place on the same island.


Alassa is a village in the district of Limassol in the island of Cyprus. Archaeological excavations were carried out by a Cypriot team during the 1980s. They found ruins of a Bronze Age town with a palace. Claude Schaeffer suggested that this could be the capital of the island known on the name of Alasiya.

The phonetic proximity and the preference of the kings of the middle of the second millennium for the mountain sites are the criteria that designate Alassa, rather than Enkomi, as capital of the island during the 2nd millennium BC. However, towards the end of the Bronze Age, the preferential use of the name "Kupri" in linear B to designate Cyprus illustrates both a decline in the mountain city and a rise in the production of copper.

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The designation of Cyprus by "Alashiya" comes from Alassa: 3/5

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