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The archaeological site of Dimini, near Volos, Greece, includes:

  • a space dating from the Neolithic period;

  • tombs at Tholos from the 14th century BCE, the first of which was discovered at the end of the 19th century;

  • an ancient Mycenaean palace, excavated during 1997, with an inscription in linear B;

  • a new mycenaean tholos tomb of the same period, exhumed in 2004 in Kazanaki, with a significant number of golden objects.


The Greek archaeologists have identified this site with the old Iolkos, town of origin of Jason in the legend of the Argonauts. Homer also cites this city in the Iliad: "And those who dwelt in Phera, near Lake Boibeis, and Boibe, and Glaphyra, and Iolkos, were commanded, on eleven ships, by the beloved son of Admareus, Eumelus" .

The Turks refer to Volos as "Yolkaz". Perhaps the modern name "Volos" comes from a distortion of the old name, passing by "Golos".


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The site of Dimini, not far from Volos, corresponds to the old Iolkos: 4/5

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