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Two cities of name “Mideia” existed in antiquity. A first is mentioned in the Iliad among the cities of the Boeotians, who came on fifty boats. Another one exists in Argolis not far from Tiryns and Mycenae, and corresponds to a contemporary city of more than 6,000 inhabitants in Greece. Strabo mentioned them both. He describes the latter as deserted of his time.

A fortress was excavated there in the 1940s, on a height overlooking the plain by a team of Swedish archaeologists. Their works show that the ancient city was destroyed by an earthquake around 1200 BCE. Not far from the western gate was an exhumed complex of buildings decorated with frescoes, as well as seals and tablets in linear B.


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Midea in Argolis was a Mycenaean city destroyed around 1200 BC: 3/5

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