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A.315 + of the archives of Mari mentions "Kalluhubra" in the country of Kahat, threatened by the Turukkeans: "Are the cities of the land of Kahat strong? Are those in this place, Nilibsinnu, Kalluhubra and Kabittum, strong ? ". He indicates that Kabitta is in the Idamaras. And we can assume that the other cities mentioned are also.

In the Neo-Assyrian texts, 1000 years ealier, there is a town called "Halhubarra" which, phonetically, is really very close. This name of city is found in the account of the 8th campaign of Sargon II. The very detailed was published by Thureau-Dangin in 1912. It places the city of Izurtu in the country of the Manneans in the region of Surikas between the country of Karalla and the country of Allabria. Izurtu would be the Tapeh Qalaychi near Bukan in Iran. After receiving the tribute of King Allabrian to this place, Sargon II went to the country of Parsuas. Today, most researchers position Parsuas in the mountains of Zagros. Here is the extract that interests us: "The leaders of Namri, Sangibutu, Bit-Abdadani and the land of the great Medes, having learned of the coming of my expedition - the devastation of their countries from my previous campaign had remained in their memory - The stupor poured over them. Their heavy tribute, they brought me from their own countries. In Farsuas they gave it to me. De Talta, Ellipean, Ulsatar, Durisi, Sataresu, the rulers of the river, Anzi of Halhubarra, etc ... ". And follows a long enumeration of names of people associated with cities or countries that seem smaller, but belonging, therefore, to the greatest men mentioned in the preamble, those of Namri, Sangibutu, Bit-Abdadani and the mighty Medes.

All this information helps to position Kalluhubra or Halhubarra in the mountains of Zagros, between the present countries of Iraq and Iran. Some scholars believe that Halhubarra may be the main city of the country which was called Allahad in the archives of the beginning of the second millennium BC (it would be Allahad + Barra), and that by deformation and displacement of territory it would have remained the name of the country of Allabria in the Neo-Assyrian period.


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My notes of veracity :

Kalluhubra was the neo-Assyrian Halhubarra, in the mountains of Zagros: 3/5

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