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Kahat is a town often mentioned in the archives of Mari, where Akin-Amar, Kabiya, Attiya and Asdi-Lim are four successive kings known.

It is also the place of a deposit of a treaty of peace under Suppiluliuma between Karkemis and the Mitanni. While on the Hittite side, it was made in the protection of the Sun Goddess of Arinna, on the Mitanni side the deposit was made in the protection of the god of the Storm, Lord of Kahat.

The Tell Barri is located in the basin of Khabur, in the present Syria. It is of an imposing size, with an area of 37 hectares for a height of 32 meters. Father Antoine Poidebard, a pioneer in aerial archaeological research, is one of the first Europeans to have observed this city. Italian archaeologists from the University of Florence, led by Paolo Emilio Pecorella, conducted the first excavations there from 1980. They showed a continuity of occupation from the 4th millennium BC to the medieval period. Some cuneiform tablets have been found there, but they are not significant as to the identification of the city.

The assignment of the name "Kahat" to Tell Barri comes from George Dossin in 1962, which translated a duplicated Assyrian inscription on two basalt blocks found on the site, dating from the period of King Tukulti-Ninurta II (9th century) BC) and now stored in the Aleppo Museum. On the inscription Kahat is mentioned.

Some researchers see Kahat at Tell Hamidiya, while the Tell Barri is seen as the town of Abilum.

The letter A.315 + from the archives of Mari mentions three towns in the country of Kahat, threatened by the Turukkeans: "Nilibsinnu, Kalluhubra and Kabittum", which seem to me situated towards the east of the Tigris in the country of Idamaras, as will be shown in the following articles of this blog.


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My notes of veracity :

The Tell Barri was the city of Kahat: 3/5

The Tell Hamidiya was the city of Kahat: 2/5

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