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The tablet A.315+ of the archives of Mari mentions this town in the country of Kahat, threatened by the Turukkeans: "Are the cities of the land of Kahat strong? Are those in this place, Nilibsinnu, Kalluhubra and Kabittum, strong? ". He indicates that Kabitta is in the Idamaras.

A very long inscription on a prism, called “of Taylor”, attributed to Sennacherib seems to me this city, spelled "Bit-Kubatti" by his first translator: in a second campaign against the Kassites and Yasubigalli, in the mountains, - east of Assur -, he said he had besieged and captured the towns of Bit-Kilamzah, Hardishpi and Bit-Kubatti in a wide valley. After catching people and livestock in the surrounding villages, he transformed Bit-Kilamzah into a fortress and regrouped the population in the two towns of Hardishpi and Bit-Kubatti to place them under the control of the Prefect of Arrapha. Then he turned to the land of Ellipi.

And so, the town of Bit-Kubatti seems to be outside the country of Ellipi, but in the sphere of influence of Arrapha.


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My notes of veracity :

Kabittum and Bit-Kubatti was a same city near Kahat and Arrapha: 3/5

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