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The oldest vestiges of the famous Greek capital are found around the Acropolis. It is admitted that the city existed during the second millennium BC.

The decipherers of Linear B have read "Atana Potinia", which means "The Mistress of Athana", on a tablet of Knossos, without any other mention of the ancient city. It is true that in the Iliad, Homer evokes at the same time the city of Athens and the goddess Athena: "And those who dwelt in Athena, a strong and well-built city of the magnanimous Erekhtheus nourished by Athena, daughter of Zeus, after the fertile earth had given birth to her, and placed her in the abundant temple where the sons of the Athenians offer every year, to please her, hecatombs of bulls and lambs."

During the Mycenaean period, while the archaeologists found only traces of fortification of the 2nd millennium, it is possible that the ancient city was only known by its religious side: it was the city of the goddess Athena.


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Athens was the city of the goddess Athena during the Mycenaean period: 4/5

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