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During 2015, at Amarynthos on the island of Evia in Greece, the Swiss School of Archeology in Greece searched a large Hellenistic portico that would correspond to the sanctuary of Artemis Amarysia. A foundation trench delivered some vases from the third quarter of the 4th century BC, confirming the antiquity of the occupation.

Found at Thebes of Boeotia, a tablet in linear B of the Mycenaean period evokes the cities of Karuto and Amaruto. J. Bennet of the University of Sheffield considers that these are two cities on the island of Evia. The phonetic reconciliation with Amaruto and Amarynthos appears plausible. This makes it possible to say that those cities existed during the Mycenaean period.


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My notes of veracity :

Amarynthos existed under the name of Amaruto during the Bronze Age: 3/5

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