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Sargon II, in an inscription of his palace at Dur-Sarrukin, at Khorsabad, declares that he has seized and burned Izirtu, the royal city of Ullusunu, the Manneen, as well as the fortresses of Izibie and Armid.

In 1949, André Godard suggested that Izibié, also referred to as "Zibie" or "Zibia", is the site of Ziwiye known for having delivered a magnificent treasure. The excavations at the Ziwiye hill yielded thick brick walls and stair steps.

This same city also appears, in the form "Vusis", in the historical inscription of Argistis on the cliff of the castle of Van: "On the approach of the country of Bustus, I conquered the country of Askayas. I conquered the land of Satiraraus. The preachers of the land of Ugistis I displaced them, as well as the princes of the country of Vusis."

These towns are in other texts concerning the country of the Mannaeans.


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My notes of veracity :

Ziwiye, in Iran, is called Izibia or Zibia in the Neo-Assyrian texts: 4/5

Ziwiye, in Iran, is called Vusis in the texts of Urartu: 3/5

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