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In the Neo-Assyrian texts, Ullubu is a town in northern Assyria on the border of Urartu, often associated with Ukku and Kumme countries. Tiglath-pileser III said he had annexed Ullubu and Habhu: "I conquered the countries of Ullubu and Habhu in their entirety and annexed them to Assyria. I founded a palace in the land of Ullubu for my royal stay."

The region of Habhu is logically that of the river of the same name: the Little Khabur. It sources in the district of Uludere in Turkey. It waters the city of Zakhu before reaching the Hezil River which serves today as the border between Turkey and Iraq. Its basin corresponds to a good part of the valleys of the highest mountains of the north of Assyria.

It is very likely that the toponym "Uludere" has inherited from "Ullubu", and that the old town is located in its vicinity.


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My notes of veracity :

Ulubu was the present town of Uludere: 3/5

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