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In the Odyssey, to inquire about his father, Telemaque, the son of Ulysses, went to Nestor at Pylos in a day and a night of navigation from his island of Ithaca.

The town of Pylos has actualy more than 20,000 inhabitants in the southwestern part of the Peloponnese. What has been identified the palace of Nestor is visitable, it is more than 10 km north of the modern town of Pylos, at Epano Englianos.

Beginning 1939, Carl Blegen, an American archaeologist, made the first archaeological excavations of the ancient city of Pylos and of the palace. He found there nearly a thousand tablets in "linear B", which confirmed the economic, centralizing and administrative role of the palace. Wine and olive oil were the main products of the region.

The translation of the texts revealed an important presence of the toponym "pu-ro", which was then accepted as a linear name B of Pylos.

Excavations are still ongoing. Mycenaean tombs have recently been found there:


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My notes of veracity :

Pylos in Greece had that name since 3000 years: 3/5

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