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In the present country of Iraq, E. Stone and P. Zymansky carried out three preliminary excavations between 1987 and 1990 on the 72 hectares of the Tell Abu Duwari. The archaeological excavations themselves had to be abandoned before the observation, in 2004, of a destruction of the site.

The site was identified with Mashkan-shapir on an inscription of foundation of a monument of the city by Sin-Iddinam, in 1844 BC. Mashkan-shapir was taken less than a century later by Hammurabi of Babylon while it was part of the Yamutbal country, in the orbit of Larsa.

It was the second city of this southern part of the Yamutbal, while there was a Upper Yamutbal, which I think, is situated towards the northwest of the present country of Iran.


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My notes of veracity :

The Tell Abu Duwari was the city of Mashkan-shapir: 4/5

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