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During the Bronze Age, Kumme is a region mentioned in the archives of the Tell Shemsharah as well as in those of Hattusa. It had a sanctuary of the god of the storm which corresponds to the god Teshub fot the Hourrites.

This toponym is to be distinguished from that of Kummani which was the capital of the Kizzuwatna, as well as Kummaha which was a country upstream of the Euphrates, and even Kadmuhu and Kakmu which were other regions.

During the iron age, Kumme was the capital of a small independent country, but successively in the orbit of the two most powerful neighbors: Urartu and Assyria.

A banquet stele from Ashurnasirpal II shows some Kumme ambassadors, as well as delegates from Hubuschkia, Gilzanu and Musasir at his coronation in Kalhu. During the reign of Sargon, the city was ruled by Arije, an Assyrian official.

There is a consensus to place Kumme in the vicinity of Beytüşşebap, in the south-east of Turkey.


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My notes of veracity :

Kumme was located towards the present town of Beytüşşebap: 3/5

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