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Strabon has evoked Asinè in Argolis in the vicinity of Nafplion. Pausanias relates that in his time the ruins of this city were still visible at the seaside. Asine "with deep gulfs" is mentioned by Homer in the Iliad : the town provided ships in common with Argos and Tiryns. This proximity is confirmed by the archaeological site of Asini located about ten kilometers south-east of Nafplion. Some mycenaean tombs have been found there. The human occupation has been proven since the age of copper until about 700 BC, and has restarted again around 300 BC.

This geographical position explains that the Gulf of Messenia was also called "Gulf of Asine" by some classical authors.


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My notes of veracity :

Asine in Argolid existed with this name since the Bronze Age: 3/5

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