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According to the tablets of the Assyrian merchants from the early 2nd millennium BC, there was a king and a queen at Timelkiya, located in a mountainous environment, near Salahsuwa. Timelkiya was at the beginning of an alternative path called the "narrow track" or the "sukinnu-road" which was, in my point of view, a maritime bypass of the Anatolian peninsula by the west.

The earthly path of Kanesh to Timelkiya - evoked by a letter takeover by Gojko Barjamovic in "A Historical Geography of Anatolia in the Old Assyrian Colony Period" - is a high cost, significant of a very long journey. While the price of the same crew is three times cheaper from Timelkiya to Hurama. Tamalkiya is the Hittite name of the same town, mentioned in the texts of the Old Kingdom. Some researchers write Timilkia this city and consider it is the current Darende east of Turkey, based on a text evoking a journey Hahhum-Timelkiya-Salahsuwa-Hurama-Kanesh.

Many researchers have studied the locations of place names of the tablets of Kanesh, without obtaining consensus. This means that the criteria ot the searches were not good. This is probably related to how merchants made their trade: the establishment of privileged counters situated very far, avoiding a maximum of taxes requested by the great Karums.

The installed of a maritime transport from Hahha, avoiding Kanesh, is a major hypothesis of this blog.

I think that Timelkiya is the classic Telmessos on the basis of phonetics, but also on the geographical proximity with Salahsuwa, Hurama and the “Sukinnu route”.

Recent surveys have detected traces of occupation of the Bronze Age around Tlos, near Telmessos of Lycia, which had been found long ago, out of context, a dagger of the third millennium before J-C.

But there was also, during the Hellenistic period, a namesake city near Bodrum to Syangela, where ancient tombs are located, those of the founders of Caria. That would be the ancient Carian Telmessus.

It is possible that the first commercial shipments on the seas are the prehistory of Carian.







My notes of veracity :

4000 years ago, Timelkiya was the classic Telmessos in Caria: 3/5

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