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The country of Iyalanda, or Iyalanti, appears in several Hittite texts :

  • A great king undertook a difficult campaign there, towards the country of Lukka. He said, "When I had destroyed the land of Iyalanda, even though I had destroyed the whole land, in loyalty to Milawanda (Miletus), I spared the only fortress in Atriya."
  • Such a military operation against Iyalanda in the land of Lukka is also reported in a letter from Ramses. Several texts evoke together Dalawa, Iyalanda and Kuwalapassa.
  • Iyalanda and Atriya are also widely mentioned in CTH 182, during the reign of Hattusili III, in an account of hostage exchanges with the two cities of Awarna and Pina, in Lukka country.
  • The earliest mention is in response to a protest of the great king Tuthaliya about an invasion of Haballa by the troublemaker Mudduwatta. The latter he replied that he acknowledged that Haballa belonged to the king, but asserted that the lands of Iyalanti, Zumarri and Wallarima which he had conquered by the sword were his.
  • The text CTH181 shows Iyalanda, accompanied again by Atriya, as being in the zone of influence of Milawatta.

Many researchers, including Jacques Freu and Michel Mazoyer, consider that Iyalanda and Atriya were the classics Alinda and Idrias.

The texts of the campaign of the great king are more in favor of a country of Iyalanda well delimited, of which Atriya was part. And Iyalanda seems to be the name of the country, whereas Atriya is that of a fortress. And the same great king started from Sallapa. It is likely that Iyalanda and Atriya refer to Ialysos and Triyanda, on the island of Rhodes. The archaeological site is located around the hill Filerimos, where traces of fortifications were found.

A Minoan and a Mycenaean presence is now admitted on the site of Trianda:

The discovery of several necropolises is the sign of the existence of several distinct cities. That of Ialyssos seems older and can explain this name of island in the Bronze Age. With the exception of Atriya, the Hittite tablets evoke a destruction of the other residential sites.

The first part of the name "Iya-landa" may be the origin of the country name "Ahhiyawa"

The texts of Ugarit refer to a city called Yalda, very close phonetically.


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My notes of veracity :

The country of Iyalanda was probably the island of Rhodes: 3/5

The fortress of Atriya was Triyanda, on the island of Rhodes: 3/5

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