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Tell al-Fahhar is located about thirty kilometers from Yorgan Tepe (Nuzi), towards Kirkuk, in the present country of Iraq.

Tell al-Fakkar was excavated by Iraqi archaeologists in the 1960s following the fortuitous discovery of two tablets. Two main layers have shown an occupation from the middle of the second millennium BC and from the Neo-Assyrian period to the beginning of the first millennium BC. A massive construction as well as several hundred tablets similar to those of Nuzi were exhumed from the oldest layer.

Kurruhanni is the name of the city most often mentioned in the translated texts. This is why the general consensus is that Tell al-Faḫḫar was the city of Kurruḫanni of the land of Arrapha.

However, a thorough analysis of Rafal Kolinski concludes that the site was rather a peasant village named Makunta, dependent on the town of Kurruḫanni that was nearby.


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My notes of veracity :

During the 2nd millennium BC, Kurruḫanni was the name of the al-Faḫḫar: 3/5

During the 2nd millennium BC, Makunta was the name of the Tell al-Faḫḫar: 2,5/5

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