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On the site of Rabat Teppe, near Sardasht, Iran, close to the border with Iraq, winged goddesses were exhumed in 2005.

The initial surface of the 14 hectares of the tell has been reassessed to 25 hectares. The oldest layer of the site is dated from the Late Bronze age.

The initial area of the tell of 14 hectares has been reassessed to 25 hectares. According to the researchers, the oldest layer of the site is from the late Bronze Age. The Iron age ones is comparable to other Mannaean sites such as Tepe Hasanlu, Ziviye and Tapeh Qalaychi.

It is curious to note that Sardasht, very near is probably also ancient, since an inscription of Tiglath-Pileser I, about the 12th century BC, mentions: "I took my chariot of war and my troops, I crossed the Little Zab and conquered the cities of Murattash and Saradaush located in the mountains of Asaniu and Atuma, a territory difficult to access."


Some researchers see in Rabat Tepe the city of Musasir mentioned as a place of pilgrimage on the stelae of Kelishin and Topzaweh.


On a cylinder of Sennacherib, a city of name "Raba" is mentioned in a list of cities brought back in the territory of Assyria.

The tablet V35 of the Mari archives shows that a town of Rabbatum name depended of Hasidanum, king of Karana. Tis-Ulme appears to be the master of the town. He is the recipient of the tablet TH.72.15 of Zimri-Lim which is a request for submission of the city. This same mail located Rabbatum in Idamaras.


The translation of the tablets gives poor additional information on the identification of the name of this ancient city:

Shurdiro is probably an ancient writing of Sardasht, which was the preponderant city of this valley.


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My notes of veracity :

During the 1st millennium BC, Raba was the site of Rabat Tepe near Sardasht: 3/5

During the 2nd millennium BC, Rabbatum was the site of Rabat Tepe near Sardasht: 2,5 / 5

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