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The Greek archaeologist Kyriakos Pittakis was the first to excavate the site of Mykenes, in 1841. He cleared the door of the lions. Its identification did not pose a problem insofar as the ruins are on the village which has always kept the same name in Greece.

In 1876, Schliemann discovered royal tombs with fabulous treasures that he attributed to the heroes of Homer. We now know that these were mainly kings of the early Mycenaean period, about the 16th century BC.

In the Iliad, Mycenae is the city of King Agamemnon, described as a strong, well-built city, with "wide streets". Add to Argos and Sparta, it is one of the three cities dear to the goddess Hera.

Some of his kings are mentioned by Homer:

  • Periphetes, beloved son of Kypreus, killed by Hector: "Periphetes carried the orders of King Eurystheus with the Heraclean force. He was born as the excellent son of an unworthy father, and by all his virtues, his courage, and his wisdom, he was the first of the Mycenaean".

  • Aigisthos, who commanded seven years to the rich Mycenae.

  • Tydeus, “who came to Mycenae with Polyneikes equal to the gods, to assemble the people, and make an expedition against the holy walls of Thebbe".

Archaeological excavations revealed a fortified palace with a cyclopean wall 5 to 8 m wide, dating from the 14th century BCE, during the apogee of Mycenaean power. Around 1200, the city was destroyed at the same time as others in the region.

Linear tablets B were found there.

It is now admitted that Mycenae was known to the Egyptians in the form "Mukana", notably on a statue of Amenhotep III found in Thebes, among with other place names.


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Mycenae, the site of the Mykines village in Greece: 5/5

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