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The Keramos ancient city is located near the modern town of Ören south-western Turkey. It is known to have been founded by the Carians.

The word "ceramic" comes from the ancient Greek "Kéramos". This city is perhaps the origin.

No archaeological excavation has confirmed the hypothesis. However the ruins of the 6th century BC there are still visible.

However it is certified that the Ören region had the old name of "Gereme". That is why I propose this site as the city of Hurama during the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. And also because, in texts of Assyrian merchants, the city was located before the "Sukinnu Route" through the south, not far from Kussara and Timelkiya. Here is, for example, a tablet of Buzazu to his partner Puzzur-Assur:

« Sends them to Timelkiya to load the goods, if the « Sukinnu Route » is safe, my tin and my good quality fabrics may take this way, as much as he can passed, before reach me by a caravan . If the « Sukinnu route » is impractical, brings the tin to Hurama. That the inhabitants of Hurama do get all of the tin in the city, one talent amount for each man ... »


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My notes of veracity :

The classic Keramos was located to Oren: 5/5

Hurama was the classic Keramos: 3/5

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