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At the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC, according to the tablets found at Kanes, the Assyrian merchants have traded in the Anatolian peninsula. It is now largely accepted that the tracking of goods were effected by land, using donkeys or mules. Taxes were gave when crossing the main cities. The sales network has expanded over time. After several generations of merchants, and after an agreement between Hahhum and Timelkiya, an alternative path has allowed some to evade a few taxes. Also, the Assyrian authorities, initially have prohibit merchants to take this course called "the narrow track", "dangerous road" or "Sukannu or Sukinnu route." Then probably a fait accompli, they tried to tax it. Thus, another letter stipulates the establishment of a special tax for each loading on the asses of goods having passed through the "Sukinnu road," including Durhumit. This means, in my point of view, that the transport used on the "dangerous road" was not on land, but was the using of boats.

This alternative route was the subject of study of the most specialists of texts of Kanes, with summaries: from Hahhum the "narrow passage" linking the cities of Timilkiya, southward, to Zalpa, Sinahuttum and Durhumit at the north, through Tarhuwa and Kuburnat.

I think Tarhuwa is the place name that refers to the city of Troy. The archeologists excavators of this site have found that the city had prospered through maritime trade of bronze.

Probably the place name "Sukinnu" or "Sukannu" is found, a few centuries later, in that of "Seha" of the Hittite texts, in the Cyanean Rocks of the the Argonauts, in the country of Siyannu of Ugarit texts and in the first part of the Turkish name "Çanakkale".

Sukinnu RouteHere is my hypothesis of localization of the main towns of the "Route Sukinnu" of the time of Assyrian merchants.


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My notes of veracity :

The narrow track (Sukinnu route) was the Dardanelles: 3/5

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