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In Anatolia, during the Hittite Empire, under Mursili II, an expedition from the area of Hakpis had battled against Tuhmiyara, Durmitta, the Dahara Valley and the country of Tapapanuwa.

This last region, Tapapanuwa, seems located near the Dahara river, which was the current Devrez Cay.

An unknown Greek geographer, evoking a river between Billæos and Parthenius, writing it "River Psilis, today known with the name of Papanios". Some Black Sea coastal rivers originate close to that of the Devrez Cay.

Strabo is more accurate about the area called Babanome, Babanomon or Babanomitis: "The Diacopène and Pimolisène extended to the Halys retaining all the same appearance of wealth and fertility. These two cantons form the northern part of the territory of Amasia and measure length of 500 stages. The other cantons following (of the Pontus territory) are the Babanome and Ximène, which itself reached the banks of the Halys, are measured in the same sense a much greater, and the whole represents the length of the territory of Amasia."

However, in this description of Strabo, only the Ximène is along the Halys: the Babanome seems the farthest west, towards the upper valley of the Devrez Cay.

In the archives of Kanesh, a letter of Salim-Assur (Kt94 / k1336), who lives in Durhumit, shows a toponym "Dadanum" – Probably the modern Daday - which can correspond to the city which had gived his name to the region.

During 1500 years we must admit that the memory of Tapapinuwa was retained with a pronunciation that is slightly deformed over time. However, the last two millennia have erased all traces of this country.







My notes of veracity :

The country of Tapapinuwa was the classical Babanome: 4/5

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