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During the Hittite New Kingdom, around 1400 BC, the Hattusa archives showed that there was a closeness between Palhuisa and Kammama, since in KUB XIX 13 + 14, during an expedition against the Gasgas, Suppiluliuma has burned these two locations together. Another expedition against the Gasgas, led this time by Mursili II, evokes this city at the same time as those of Tikukuwa, Pishuru, Ishupitta which were in the country Anziliya.

Palalce is mentioned on the Tabula Peutingeriana. The city appears on a route from Amasia to Neocaesarea, ie between existing cities of Amasya and Niksar, region of the Black Sea in Turkey. Palalce is located 15 miles of Amasia, while the next step is Coloe 12 miles away.

Some researchers have positionned Palace on the present town of Özbaraklı: the way of the Roman road is still known. A castle of this period is identified along this old road:

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My notes of veracity :

Palhuisa was the classic Palalce: 4/5

Palalce was the Roman castle in the town of Özbaraklı near Amasya: 3/5

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