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Amasia, the present city of Amasya in Turkey, was one of the most important cities of Asia Minor at the end of the 1st millennium BC. It was the capital of the Pontus. This is the town of the birth of the geographer Strabo. According to him, the name of his city comes from the queen of the Amazons "Amasis".

Under Arnuwanda, Hakpis, or Hakmis, is not mentioned in the list of cities devastated by the Gasgas. It is for this reason that the religious activities of the storm god there have been transferred from Nerik. Later, the city was the seat of a monarchy under Hattusili III. The latter has made Nera and Hastira the border of that country, which included Nerik. The kingdom of Hakmis also included the Haharwa mountain and the Marassanta river.

The ancient city was situated in height, to the castle, which seems to date from the Hittite period:

If there is no doubt about it between the current name and that of the Hellenistic period, it is not the same with the Hittite name. The criterions are a phonetic proximity and geographical verisimilitude of the identified neighboring towns. No archaeological excavation supports this hypothesis.


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My notes of veracity :

The classic Amasya was the present town of Amasya: 5/5

Hakpis, or Hakmis, was the classic Amasya: 2.5/5

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