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Comana of Cappadocia is known to us by Strabo. Excavations carried out by a binational team of Great Britain and of Turkish, have shown that this ancient city was at Şarköy or Sar (sometimes written Shahr) Tufanbeyli district, north of the province of Adana. It is located near the sources of the ancient Saros, modern Seyhan, in the Anti-Taurus Mountains in Turkey.

It was not found traces of the Hittite period, although this were one of the objectives of the team of archaeologists. So it is not possible to conclude that this city was the ancient capital of Kizzuwatna: Kummani. Especially since, according to the treaties of the 2nd millennium BCE defining the border between Hatti and Kizzuwatna, the Saros was the border north of Adana.

The treaties seem to describe the boundary between Hatti and Western Kizzuwatna, but they are unspecified regarding the East of that country.

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My notes of veracity :

Comana of Cappadocia was located at Sar, Tufanbeyli district, Turkey: 4/5

Comana of Cappadocia was the former Kummani, the capital of Kizzuwatna: 0/5

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