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During 1973, at Nippur, it was found tablets, dated around 700 BC, about a town called Unqu in the west.

This name is probably the origin of the Neo-Hittite country of Unqi or Patina / Unqi mentioned in tablets of Tell Tayinat. Which corresponds to a very similar name found in a Ugarit text. This is a letter from a queen describing his trip, day per day: From Maloum to Adaniya and to Zunnahara and finaly arriving at Unug. In the tablets of Alalakh, a few hundred years latter, a city, probably the same, is called Uniga or Unika.

I think it is probably the city of Ishaniga (This is an earlier name, which would be transformed by striking out the first syllable), mentioned as part of the country of Tunip in a treaty found in Hattusa (CTH 135) and in Alalakh, which defined the boundaries between Tunip and Alalakh.

Researchers position it in the Tell al-Kanisah, not far from a village called Muratpasa, near the town of Kırıkhan. For this they rely on a phonetic proximity to the Roman name of "Onchai". This site has been dated from the middle of the Bronze Age to the Roman period and beyond, as evidenced by the objets found in surface.

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My notes of veracity :

The tell al-Kanisa was the city called Unug, Unika or Ishaniga: 3/5

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