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Kommos is an archaeological site in Crete at the edge of the Libyan Sea and the plain of Mesara. Its location makes it a likely port of Phaistos and Agia Triada during the last two millennia BC.

The site was excavated from 1976 to 1994 by US and Canadian teams, led by Joseph W. Shaw.

Joseph W. Shaw noted that the old name of the site, according to writings found at Knossos, could be "Da-wo", which had collected large amounts of grains. That excavator of Komos is also the author of a book on this site. It suggests that there could be a boat building activity or storage of these: a ramp, initially considered a processional way, may have provided an aid function of the hauling of vessels.

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My notes of veracity :

Kommos was called Da-wo during the Bronze Age: 2.5/5

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