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The Kingdom of Sheba is now systematically associated with its mythical queen and also a probable capital: Marib.

The Kingdom of Sheba is mentioned in Assyrian inscriptions of 750 BC. It's probable that Saba had existed since even longer: on a stone threshold of a palace of Tello, Arad-Nannar of Ur had declared, among many other titles, be "patesi of Sabu".

In Yemen, we may distinguish two regions: the shores limited by mountains and the inland where ancient rivers enabled a human development during antiquity. Sheba were probably in this last area, facing the Arabian Desert, but that was to be wetter there three thousand years ago. This country is mentioned in monumental inscriptions in South Arabian language :

  • of the site of As-Sawada, dated from the late 8th century BC The document is stored in the National Museum in Sana'a.

  • of the site Makaynun.

This ancient kingdom may be considered geographically close to the Wadi Jawf, or as a federation of city-states of this region or Ethiopia, during the second millennium. It was probably extended to the southern mountains to the west and the east to Hadramawt and its former capital Shabwa, which was independent during the 1st millennium BC.

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My notes of veracity :

The Kingdom of Sheba was towards the current country of Yemen: 3/5

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